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Thank you for supporting Amy Torres-Lepp for Southlake City Council Place 5!

Southlake Mayor John Huffman

The Honorable Randy Robbins

The Honorable Chad Patton

The Honorable Randy Williamson

The Honorable Kathy Talley

The Honorable Ronell Smith

Former Southlake Mayor, Laura Hill

Former Southlake Mayor, Tarrant County Commissioner Gary Fickes

Former Southlake Mayor John Terrell
Former Southlake Mayor, Rick Stacy

Former Southlake Councilmember Chris Archer

Former Southlake Councilmember Martin Schelling

Former Southlake Councilmember, Jeff Wang

Chairman Dan Kubiak (Southlake Planning & Zoning Commission)

Chairman Jeff Medici (Southlake Zoning Board of Adjustments)

Vice Chairman Michael Forman (Southlake Planning & Zoning Commission)

Michael Springer (Southlake Planning & Zoning Commission)

Craig Rothmeier (Southlake Planning & Zoning Commission)

Gina Phalen (Southlake Planning & Zoning Commission)

Scott Dyche (Southlake Planning & Zoning Commission)

Austin Reynolds (Southlake Planning & Zoning Commission)

Trey Verbick (Southlake Zoning Board of Adjustments)

MaryLee Alford (Chair, Southlake Senior Advisory Commission)

Magdalena Battles (Southlake Parks & Rec Board)
Chairman Frances Scharli (Southlake Parks & Rec Board)

Matt Bryant (Former Carroll ISD Trustee)

Eric Lannen (Carroll ISD Trustee)

Hannah Smith (Secretary, Carroll ISD Board of Trustees)
Cameron Bryan (Carroll ISD Board of Trustees)
The Honorable Shawn McCaskill

Kathy and Shane Alexander

MaryLee and Carl Alford

Ali and Andy Allen

Candice Allison

John & Tonja Anderson

Nancy and Todd Anderson

Stacey and Chris Archer

Jon Atwood

Jamie and Jeff Baker

Frances and Blake Bankester

Leslie Barrows

Magdalena Battles

Ashley Bellard

Kara and Tom Berutti

Judy and Ted Bilsky

Brent Bland

Brian Boyd

Joyce Brasher

Janet Broughton

Jennifer Brown

Amanda and Cam Bryan

Lisa and Matt Bryant

Anh Chi and Kurt Busboom

Amber and Adam Butcher

Melody Butler

Leann and Chance Caple

Jennifer Casey

Artemis and Bryan Chamberlain

Karl Chester

Carla Collier

Pam Colvin

Jill and Dan Combe

Marti Conner

Louis Corna

Marybeth Crane

Lauren and Clay Cristy

Michelle and Ryan Davis

Kathy and Leo Del Calvo

Arlene Dang

Cyndi and Kurt Day

Josh Dean

Heather Dennis

Kim and Brandonn Dukes

Tara and Scott Eddins

Hope and Larry Evans

Janet and Chuck Fish

Heidi and Arturo Florcruz

Elliot Folkorts

Lindsay and Jason Flynt

Travis Franks

Linda and Pete Frederick

Allison Fulmer

Mandy and Austin Glaves

Lyndsay and Chris Greer

Shannon Guthrie

Kristina Guzman

Casey and Scott Hall

Carol Han

Amanda Hamilton

Sherry and Gary Hargett

Lisa and Paul Harrington

Michelle and Austin Hilton

Virginia and Dr. Roth Hinkle

Nancy Hollis

Amber and Cole Holmes

Janice and Curt Horak

Elizabeth and John Huffman

Sue and Chuck Hulett

Maura and Tom Gardner

Mark Hutchinson

Vik Reddy Jangam

Lana and Doug Johnson

Nichole and Dudley Jordan

Christina and Yannis Karmis

Lorrie Terlingo and Tom K'nipper

Kathy Keener

Melanie and Jim Kelley

Kristine and Gary Kemp

Mary Ann and Jack King

Alli and Dan Kubiak

Mike Lafavers

Wendy Lang

Jill and Eric Lannen

Berna Dean and Wayne Lee

Shelly and Jerry Lewis

Jean Xue and Chuck Lo

Steve Lutz

Amy Lynn

Dana Mackie

Rachel and Matt Macleod

Carol and Bret Martin

Gary Martin

Kosse Maykus

Eason Maykus

Laura and Shawn McCaskill

Ashley and Brandon McCurry

Pam and Jeff Medici

Nathan Merritt

Ashley Messick

Sharon and Thomas Michael

Susan Michaelis

Joey Milner

Patty Minder

Kristina and John Mooney

Kathy Mouton

Harpreet Oberoi

Tim & Christen O'Hare

Lindsey and Marcus Oldelehr

Tracy and Chad Patton

Bonnie Pendergrass

Marci and Chad Peters

Debbie and Marc Pino

Michelle and Shane Platt

Mary and Mike Porter

Jo Lyn Potenza

Renette and Steve Presti

Francesca ReDavid

Heidi and Chip Reid

Jennifer and Dr. Randy Robbins

Patty Rogers

Arlene Roberta Sala

Jamie and Chris Sanchez

Jeff Sanford

Allison and Kolt Sarver

Linda and Martin Schelling

Janet and Chris Schimek

Matt Schirle

Amy and Ray Schroeder

Steve Schrum

Alex Sexton

Anthony Shelton

Karin and Chris Sherman

Vanessa Shifflette

Dana and Ryan Skelly

Hayley and Jiri Smetana

Hannah and John Smith

Christy and Mitch Stacy

Stephanie Stewart

Nicole and Bill Tait

Kathy and Mike Talley

Tara and Tyler Tate 

Joanne and John Terrell

Lindsay and Matt Terry

Kristi and Todd Tew

John Thane

Natan Ton

Mimi and Dr. Trung Tran

Francene Venesky

Stacey and Trey Verbick

Cindy and Brian Viohl

Alicia and Chip Wagner

Barbara Walker

Deborah and Butch Walls

Leigh Wambsganss

Angela and Patrick Weisgarber

Elizabeth and Gary Whatley

Marian and Jerry White

Amy and Randy Williamson

Shawna and James Wilson

Kerstin and Brian Yates


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